Why Is Peach Japan’s Trendiest Ingredient?

Peaches (Momo in Japanese) have long been found in the history of Japan. In Japanese mythology, peaches were believed to have the powers to eliminate misfortune and evil. It is also considered as a protector of health but more than this the fruit is treated as a major ingredient in the food cultures of Japan and widely eaten as a delicacy.

Peaches have a prominent place in the sweet dishes of Japan and many food joints offer their admiration for the fruit. During the “Hinamatsuri” (Japan’s Doll) festival in Japan, many desserts are made in the shape of a peach resembling strength and positivity.

Being rich in vitamins and nutrients, peaches are used in a wide range of food like peach pancakes, Hakuto jelly, and Peach Gazpacho. The sweet pulpy aroma and taste of the fruit always seem to entice the taste buds and even tourists love to try these delectable food items. Among all the desserts, Hakuto Jelly is the most commonly consumed peach sweet dish in Japan and is making its way to the plates of people around the world. This beautifully presented seasonal dessert is made from pure peach puree and mineral-rich water which makes it soft and smooth to eat. Due to the excellent quality of peaches used, the dessert is quite expensive but worth the taste.

This sweet peach ingredient had been captivating the taste buds of Japan but now it is spreading across the globe teasing the preferences of people and becoming today’s trendiest food ingredients. Knowing this, SunImpex, a well-known supplier and exporter of food products, takes the step to provide the finest quality peach puree to food industries and hotels around the world.

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