Why Are All Madagascar Litchis Exported To France?

Litchis are loved and eaten around the world but not all are fortunate to get them on demand. Many people have a desire for litchis for their sweet pulpy taste but what can people do when the country itself is getting fewer imports. The uneven distribution of litchis has caused people to pay a higher price for low-quality fruits. The famous litchi producing and exporting country, Madagascar, is also exporting their litchis mostly to France, which have raised some disputes with neighboring countries.

Madagascar is a country with high-quality agriculture products as the soil is untouched by any kind of pollution or contamination. All crops like pulses, beans, tamarind, and litchis are grown in perfect climatic conditions, therefore, the fruits are nutritious and healthy. Everyone should have the chance to eat the pure grown fruits and crops from Madagascar, but instead, most of them are exported to France with the reason to maintain their diplomatic relations.

Behind this favoritism of Madagascar lie the historical, cultural and economic ties that unite two countries and the solidarity between Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) member countries. French culture in also Madagascar is followed in some regions due to the history of political involvement in the country. Still today, Madagascar exports a more than half the amount of their agricultural products to France behind closed doors which is a bit unjustified.

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