Whole Frozen Turkey : A Juicy and Flavourful Delight

A fresh or frozen turkey is generally brined before it is roasted or baked to enhance moisture in the meat and shoot up the flavour. Interestingly, Turkey is a popular poultry offering that was first eaten in the 16th century. It remains the most popular food delight for the Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas dinner celebrations across the globe as it can be fed to a large group of individuals.

If the succulent meat texture and delicious flavours aren’t enough, it also has many health benefits. It contains selenium which reduces the risk of lung, gastric, bladder, skin and prostate cancers. With nearly 24% protein per 100 grams of meat, it can help maintain the muscle mass and control the blood sugar right after a meal.

Sun Impex, a trusted HORECA food products supplier, offers premium quality Whole Frozen Turkeys sourced from the United States of America. This Halal meat product is available in – 12-14 LB, 14-16 LB, 16-18 LB, 18-20 LB and 20-24 LB sizes.

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