When the New Year’s Sun Knocks at Sun Impex

365 days just passed in a blink of an eye and all we have with us are their memories. Some relished victory in those days, some tasted defeat. Many found love while many had to face loathing. No matter which category we fell in, but we all learned some or other lesson in our lives that will remain with us forever.

A majority of people cross their hearts on the eve of New Year with resolutions. Even Sun Impex pledged to a plethora of New Year Resolutions. Vows taken by Sun Impex for the upcoming year are focusing on HORECA – a brand of Sun Impex that serves the foodservice industry, targeting higher end restaurants and tying with restaurants through HORECA, testing the online model of HORECA, expanding the product portfolio of HORECA to countries like France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, USA & UK and other far east countries, Increase the range of HORECA seafood, make HORECA enter into red and white meat segment and, last but not the least, strive hard on increasing procurement in terms of quality and quantity.

Sun Impex’s previous year offered it many opportunities and triumphant moments which it will cherish forever. As it steps into a new year, it feels rejuvenated to face the upcoming challenges, festivities and victorious moments. Sun Impex believes that you learn from your yesterday, live in today and hope for a better tomorrow. Sun Impex also wishes you a very happy and a successful New Year.

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