When Sun Impex Gives you Lemon Concentrate

Lemon is quite popular across the world due to its tangy taste and nutrients packed nature. Interestingly, lemons contain more potassium than apples or grapes. Apart from potassium, it has calcium, vitamin-c, magnesium, iron, and fiber.

A lemon is used in various forms. Some prefer lemon water while some like to sprinkle its juice over their dishes. Apart from its consumption, a lemon has various other applications as well.

Sun Impex, a leading supplier of agro and HORECA products, offers premium quality lemon concentrate that is processed from fresh and ripened lemons to get the essential flavor and nutrition in the final product.

The brix value of lemon concentrate offered by Sun Impex is 40±1 while the acidity and pH range between 24.00 – 28.00 and 2.20-2.40 respectively. High quality 250 Kg aseptic bags are used for packing the lemon concentrate before exporting them to various parts of the world.

To get your hands on premium quality lemon concentrate of Sun Impex, book your order NOW!

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