What Will You Choose? Speckled Kidney Beans Or Red Kidney Beans

Beans are one of the healthiest vegetarian diets containing a lot of protein, nutrients, and energy. However, each variety of beans is different from the other, in color, size, taste, texture and nutrient content. The type of bean produced also varies according to the area of cultivation which creates a difference in taste.

People are used to of cooking and eating beans which are native to the country or area but this does not mean other beans are less in anything. The most common kidney beans, speckled and red beans also have a competitive market, they look similar in size and shape but has a slight difference in color, taste and nutrition value.

Red Kidney Beans, the most common type of bean cultivated in India is famous for its high protein content and rich taste. It is mainly stewed served in gravy or soup. Generally eaten with rice, they become soft after cooking and pack a flavorful punch. These beans contain a lot of molybdenum, dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and other minerals as well.

Speckled beans, on the other hand, are mostly stewed and accompanied by vegetables. They have light red specks on the skin and have a firm texture. The finest variety of light red speckled beans comes from Uganda where it is grown organically in perfect climatic conditions. These beans also contain a lot of necessary nutrients like dietary fiber, iron, vitamins, and minerals.

In comparison, the two varieties of beans offer a different taste, texture and nutritional value. It is best that you cook these beans and taste the difference yourself. You can visit the website www.sunimpex.biz, choose from a wide range of pulses and buy kidney beans you love the most.

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