Walnuts : The Nuts Packed With Nutrients

Walnuts are one of the most popular nuts due to their amazing flavor and presence of rich nutrients in them. It is believed that they are native to Persia, however, today, many countries are involved in the production of Walnuts. One of these countries is Chile.

Interestingly, Chile is now counted under one of the top producers of Walnuts. As per the Chilean Walnut Commission, the production of Chilean walnut production is expected to shoot up by 20% to 90,000 tons in the year 2017, and the output is projected to double in the next five years.

Sun Impex, a leading name in the Agro and Horeca products industry, offers four varieties of walnuts. They are Halves, Pieces, Small Pieces and Halves & Pieces. Currently, 10,000 kgs of shelled walnuts of Chile origin, halves extra light, hand cracked, 90% halves, average of 340 units per kilo, 10kg boxes with 2 bags inside are ready for April, May and June shipment.

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