Walnuts and Almonds : The Delicious Seeds Full of Health

Incredibly popular, walnuts and almonds are healthy and highly nutritious dry fruit. Almonds are native to the Middle East. However, the United States of America is now the world’s largest producer of Almonds. On the other hand, Walnuts are either from the Persian or English Origin.

Sun Impex imports premium quality almonds from the USA and Australia and Walnuts from the USA and India. Broadly, it imports two categories of almonds. These categories are US almonds in shell and kernels and processed almonds. Further, these categories are divided into various varieties such as Carmel (CR), Butte (BT), Sliced, Meal, Diced, etc.

Walnuts from Sun Impex are available in 4 varieties. They are Halves, Pieces, Small Pieces and Halves & Pieces. The premium quality almonds and walnuts are exported in cartons and in shell bags which keeps their taste and quality intact.

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