Vaal Daal

Vaal Daal

Vaal Daal is extracted by processing the huskless split of Lablab beans. Lablab is a legume that is extensively grown in Asian and African regions. It is known by different names in different parts of the world like Hyacinth bean, Seim bean, Dolichos bean, Chicharo, Australian pea and Indian bean. Part of the bean species, Vaal Daal belongs to the Fabaceae family. Flowers and pods in their immature state are commonly used as vegetables. 1 cup of cooked Vaal Daal without salt provides 227 calories and it contains 111.13% of iron, 73.56% of copper and 50.27% of Zinc with 15.79 g of protein, 78 mg of calcium, 159 mg of magnesium and 233 mg ofphosphorus.

Health Benefits of Vaal Daal

Vaal Daal contains various nutrients, lipid proteins, minerals and vitamins that help to enhance the overall health. It possesses antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, tonic, galactagogue, hypocholesterolemic, appetite suppressants and antispasmodic properties that help the body to cope up with the various form of diseases.

Neurological health

Copper is essential for brain functionalities for example dopamine and galactose help controlling mood swings, think clearly and maintain focus. The low copper levels lead to fatigue, bad mood, lacked focus and low metabolism. The antioxidants help in healing the damage caused by free radicals and slow down ageing and neurodegeneration.

Heart health

Vitamin B1 is most important for acetylcholine production which works as a neurotransmitter that gives messages from the nerves to the muscles. The heart function depends on the proper use of energy required for these transmissions from the nerves. Vitamin B1 helps to prevent heart disease as it maintains healthy heart function.

Cancer Prevention

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property of zinc helps in preventing oxidative stress and reduce the risk of diseases. Zinc also helps in healthy cell division and prevents the mutation of cells and tumour growth. The adequate consumption of zinc reduces oxidative stress along with the infections and side effects. It has the ability to revitalize the immune system.

Assists in Better Respiration

Vaal daal is packed with selenium, manganese and zinc which helps in avoiding lung disorders like chronic pulmonary disease which can lead to oxidative stress. Manganese reduces the inflammation and oxidative by SOD production in the body which helps to heal the lungs.

Digestive health

Fibre is vital for good digestion and Vaal daal is full of it. Insoluble fibre present in Vaal Daal speeds up the bowel movement and helps to prevent bloating, constipation and indigestion. Soluble fibre forms a viscous substance that is fermented by the bacteria in the digestive tract resulting in enhanced digestion.

Helps with healthy sleep

The low consumption and absorption of the nutrient is the cause of insomnia. The proper levels of magnesium in the body help in regulating sleep, lower the levels of cortisol and increases the concentrations of melatonin. The research shows that magnesium supplements reduce the symptoms of insomnia, improve sleep time, sleep efficiency and sleep onset. It also reduces cortisol.

Enhances Energy Levels

Iron present in Vaal Daal helps in transporting the oxygen to the cells. It helps the body to absorb ample nutrients and digest proteins from the food. The low levels of iron in the body lead to sluggishness, lower activity and exhaustion. The iron deficiency symptoms include mood swings, low focus and muscle weakness.

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