Two to Tango : Argentinian Chickpeas and Popcorn

Sun Impex is one of the leading names in the agro-products industry which provides quality offerings across the globe. It sources two superior quality products from Argentina- Kabuli Chickpeas and Popcorn. Kabuli chickpeas are one of the oldest cultivated pulses that is valued for its high fibre and protein content. This legume is popular as garbanzo bean in Spain, ceci beans in Italy and as Bengal gram in India. At Sun Impex, they are available in size 7 to 12 mm. They’re exported in custom packing as per the customer requirement.

Interestingly, Argentina is also the world’s largest supplier of popcorn grains. Sun Impex also sources high quality popcorn grains of butterfly variety from here. The superb quality grains explode to a minimum of 98% to give you a tub full of soft, creamy and delicious popcorn with a maximum moisture quantity of 14.5%.

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