Traditional Ramadan & Eid Festivities in the Middle East

The ninth month of Hijri calendar, Ramadan is considered a month of blessings, charity, and piety and is observed with great enthusiasm in Dubai and entire UAE. Throughout Dubai, residents of different nationalities join hands to share the holy spirit of Ramadan. Besides splendid Iftar parties, several events too are organized in this holy month throughout UAE. People can be seen greeting others by saying ‘Ramadan Kareem’, which means ‘Happy Ramadan’, during this month. A host of delicious dishes like Gars, Threed, and Harees are also prepared.

Furthermore, educational cultural events are held throughout UAE to preach the significance of Ramadan and the “Do’s and Don’ts” related to it. Holy Quran recital competitions are organized wherein cash prizes are distributed to winners. Ramadan tents acting as active hubs for different religious & social activities taking place throughout the auspicious month are also erected, especially near the mosques.

“Eid Al Fitr”, the three-day celebration observed after the final day of Ramadan holds prime importance in the Middle East. In Dubai, traditional dance performances, special shows and live music in all major public spaces make Eid celebration even more memorable. Gift-giving is on its peak and so the city’s malls become hotspots for hot deals & bargains during this time.

Celebrating the spirit of togetherness, “Ramadan and Eid Festival 2019” was recently held in Abu Dhabi. The event combined traditional festive celebration with an exhibition based show displaying consumer goods, Arabic food, toys & games, and unique gift items. Traditional song & dance added more liveliness to the event. This year, celebratory firework displays were held at various trendy locations across Dubai, including the Dubai Festival City, La Mer, and Al Seef. Restaurants and adventure-themed parks too offered exciting deals to lure maximum customers and leverage the festive time for amplified gains.

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