This Christmas, Santa arrived on a Camel

“HO-HO-HO”. The Santa chuckled from his epiglottis and the employees of Sun Impex sprinted outside to welcome him. They were flabbergasted when they witnessed that Santa, breaking the cliché, is no more on his reindeer but on the back of a camel. Well, why he would not use the ‘Ship of the Desert’ when the Christmas jamboree was organized in the Dubai branch of Sun Impex.

Not only were the employees of Sun Impex invited to the Christmas celebrations but their offspring too were called to be a part of the festival. The children were bestowed with amazing gifts by the Santa. The organizers nodded to keep white and red as the color of attires for everyone. If one had an eagle eye view on the venue, he/she would have described it as a garden with red roses budding out of it.

No one played the role of a wallflower and rather everyone took an active participation when the beats popped out of DJ’s repertoire. After swaying on the beats, everyone gathered and melodiously sang Christmas Carols in unison. Some were involved in clicking stills, some were busy in feeding their hunger and others were simply amazed by the ornamentation done around. A year passed away for Sun Impex being enveloped with success. It desires for the same tranquility and triumphant in the upcoming year. On this auspicious occasion, Sun Impex wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

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