Toor dal

The Yellow Kernels – Toor Daal

The vegetarian protein-rich source Toor Dal is a lentil that is found in every Indian household. One of the most delicate accompaniment with rice, chapatis or even as a soup itself. The benefits are plentiful, a prime reason being for the folic acid present.

There are not enough vegetarian sources of protein in the world, which becomes one of the most challenging factors for those who go the “vegan way” or follow the path of vegetarianism. This homely cooked Indian food is a source of goodness that every Indian swears by.

The dal that nourishes our body, mind, and soul!

Unravelling the benefits of Toor dal is an easy task!

Health benefits of Toor dal include the following:

1. Excellent source of Folic acid – for pregnant women, especially, including folic acid in the diet is an excellent source of nutrients. Why folic acid, though? Facilitates the development of the fetus and may prevent congenital disabilities; according to research, the reduction is approximately 70 %.

2. Protein power – Adding toor dal as a protein source as described is a great inclusion. Those who want fibre and good protein content can immediately add this lentil and reap the magnificent benefits.

3. Carbohydrate fuel – Besides having protein toor dal has a great source of carbohydrates as well, which is great for an immediate kick of energy. The misconception of carbs needs to be sorted! Toor dal isn’t a simple carbohydrate like processed and refined sugar; the form is complex carbs. Consuming complex carbs helps lower the risk of diseases (chronic condition) such as diabetes and heart issues.

4. Steel of iron – the daily requirement of iron dosage on average is around 6-12%, one cup of toor dal a day can give you good sources of iron!

5. Diabetes in check – the complex carbohydrate toor dal also have a low GI (glycaemic index) which is an excellent choice for diabetes. Having low GI present in foods slows the breakdown process of food and avoids the spike up in sugar levels.

The magnificent lentils is food grain widely used in diets across the world, including Asia, Africa and Latin America. These lentils are created in tropical and semitropical regions across the globe and are often served by itself or mixed with other cereals and grains. Sun Impex distributes these fine grains in three sizes – bold, medium and small that are also included in oil/Water polish or without oil polish. Sun Impex delivers only the best grains across the globe that entail quality, taste and will allow reaping the real benefits!

Trusted choices, Sun Impex!

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