The Toothsome form of Apricot : Apricot Puree

Apricots are small fruits which look like peaches or plums and have a soft, juicy flesh inside a thin skin. They are mostly yellow or orange with a light shade of red on one side. They are a renowned fruit across nations and their health benefits are one of the major reasons behind the popularity.

The impressive health benefits are because of Vitamins A, K, C, E and minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium, etc. These nutrients that are present in Apricots strengthen bones, promote heart health, prevent skin problem, keep major health complications such as cancer, asthma at bay.

Sun Impex, one of the leading agro-products suppliers, exports premium quality Apricot puree which is huge in demand worldwide. The puree keeps the natural flavor of apricot intact. With a brix and acidity value of Min. 11 and 0.80-1.50 respectively, the apricot puree comes in the packaging of 230 kg Aseptic bags in drums. Also, stringent quality procedures are followed while manufacturing and packaging of Apricot puree.

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