The Tiny Taste and Aroma Boosters : Black Peppers

When added to any dish or delicacy, black peppers could elevate its taste to several notches. Apart from adding them to dishes in their raw form, black peppers are also crushed to fine powder and sprinkled on various cuisines. Interestingly, in ancient times, black pepper was also used as a currency. Today, it is one of the most popular spices around the world.

Along with boosting the taste, black pepper offers numerous health benefits. For Instance, promotes intestinal health, enables weight loss, prevents cancer, etc.

Sun Impex, a leading agro-products supplier, is all set to supply premium quality black peppers in February. These quality black peppers are sourced from Vietnam. The black pepper by Sun Impex comes in two varieties i.e. 500 and 500 gl. It contains 13.5% moisture and 2% Admixture. To keep the quality and aroma intact, they are exported in the packaging of 25/50 Kg jute bags or PP bags with loadability of 23-24 MT.
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