The Tiny Delights : Green Moong Beans

While few parts of the world call them Moong Beans, there are other parts which adore the name Green Gram or Golden Gram. Irrespective of what they are called, Green Moong Beans are one such ingredient that goes into the making of some toothsome dishes. Interestingly, Green Moong Beans are also considered as Superfood when it comes to the management of weight.

Packed with protein, Green Moong Beans are preferred in the form of Salad, Soups, and even, desserts. Also, in few regions, its paste form is used in the making of ice-creams and ice-pops.

Sun Impex procures a plenty of Green Moong varieties from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Bolivia, Uganda and Australia. Some of these varieties include Pede, Annyar, Taungu, Shwewar, Pahkokku, Crystal Variety and varieties wherein the beans’ size ranges from 2.5mm-4.0mm, 3.2mm-4.0mm and 3.5mm up. The Green Moong Beans are packed under extreme cleanliness and hygienic condition in the default packaging of 25 KG bags or as per the customers’ requirements.

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