The Sweet Earthy Flavourful Buds : Cloves

Cloves are the dried buds of the flowers that grow on an evergreen tree Syzygium aromaticum. Cloves are used in making marinades, sauces, curries, beverages, bakery items, etc. These flavour famous dishes such as barbecued ribs, whole wheat ginger snaps, gingerbread, etc.

Cloves not only bring great flavour to food items but have various health benefits. Cloves have anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties which help in getting relief from cough, toothache, cold, stress, asthma, blood impurities, etc.

Interestingly, cloves are majorly used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and Western Herbalism, Chinese Medicines. Cloves are also called natural breath fresheners. In dentistry, the clove oil is used as a painkiller for dental emergencies.

Sun Impex, one of the leading and trusted names of the agro products industry, offers premium quality CG3 variety of cloves sourced from Madagascar, Comoros, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Zanzibar. The moisture content of the cloves offered by Sun Impex ranges from 12% to 13% while the admixture content is 3%.

The cloves are hygienically packed in two ways – 25/ 50 Kgs Jute Bags or PP Bags and in 50kg Jute Bags- for supply.

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