The Splendid Magic of Shooting Stars in Oman Just got Unveiled

Oman may be dazzling with artificial lights during nights; however, the natural glitter of stars in the city sky is just too phenomenal to be missed. If you adore watching the amazing night stars, the experience in Oman is even more enjoyable. Oman’s Al Hajar mountains offer the best of star seeing to visitors.

A renowned luxury hotel in Oman, “Alila Jabal Akhdar” recently hosted astronomer Mike Dalley to offer a magnificent stargazing experience to visitors; and that too, absolutely free. The program was scheduled from December 4 to December 16, during which the visitors got the opportunity to gaze at 100+ shooting stars per hour.

This translated into one shooting star streaming across the Dubai sky every 30 seconds, thereby allowing the guests easily witness the amazing celestial phenomenon. Mike even taught the guests valuable tips on capturing shooting stars on camera. However, this valuable stargazing and coaching came at the price of waking up early, around 2 AM – the best time for enjoying the celestial activity.

In Arabic, Jabal Akhdar refers to “The Green Mountain”. The majestic hotel Alila Jabal Akhdar located 2,000 metres above sea level offers splendid views of Al Hajar Mountains. It is in fact the perfect base for taking a tour of the magnificent landscape and beauty the region has on offer. Adventure travellers, nature lovers and people looking to escape from the scorching desert heat find the hotel ideal for stay.

By hosting astronomer Mike Dalley this time, Alila Jabal Akhdar did offer its guests the opportunity to witness an exceptionally unique & complex celestial phenomenon and that too in an unparalleled setting.

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