As the title suggests known to be the most ‘exotic’ fruit in recent times. The incredibly unique yet flavorful and intensely aromatic! This yellow wonder has changed the spectrum of food and beverage recipes over the last decade, making its remarkable renaissance from time to time.

The origination of the fruit comes from one of our favourite places in the world, Brazil. Over the last decade or so other countries across the globe, including topical regions, have also started producing passion fruit purees and concentrates. Being the most versatile and unpredictable fruits as they mature and harvest at different rates and points of time during the year. These iconic fruits exist in more than 500 varieties for consumers to choose from – they vary in terms of their skin, thickness, colours and shapes.

Opting for the concentrate version allows you to add a twist to a variety of your food and beverages while simultaneously reaping the benefits of this exotica fruit.

Let’s dig into the rational reasons as to why YOU should be consuming passion fruit concentrate regularly?

1.Rich source of antioxidants – the blend of citrus, tang and sweetness is appetizing to your palettes. The combination of antioxidants is vital as it demolishes harmful free radicals as well as builds your immune system. The blood flow is more smooth flowing especially for the nervous system and the brain. Further, these antioxidants help in the decrease of inflammation and stress – preventative from diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

2.Low in GI (glycemic index) – one of the rare tropical fruits that are low in GI that moreover helps in maintaining blood glucose levels. For a person battling issues such as diabetes, the purpose of low GI is that releases sugar at a slower rate.

3.Rich in fibre- the fibre in the fruit is responsible for the healthy functioning of the digestive system and also aids in keeping the gut health intact.

4.Improvises insulin sensitivity – there is a specific compound called ‘piceatannol’ present in passions fruit that dramatically improvises the insulin sensitivity in the body. Hence for diabetic patients, it’s highly beneficial even in terms of prevention. 5. Reduces stress and anxiety – one of the natural remedies to battle stress is to consume passion fruit. The presence of magnesium has a direct impact on the brain that allows you to be fresh and vibrant!

At Sun Impex the passion fruit range is freshly harvested with a distinctive yellowish-orange colour. The aromatic fruit is infused with natural flavours and taste. These fruits are specifically handpicked and follow a sincere protocol of cleaning, sieving, pasteurizing and packed in an aseptic bag with NO additives or preservatives. The farm-fresh passion fruit has an authentic yet delicious flavour is very closely monitored to ensure the flawless texture and consistency of concentrate.

By popular demand, worldwide our passion fruit concentrate is available across all regions including Europe, Asia, North America etc.

Your partner in crime, flavour to your beverage, savour to your cooking is just an order away! People all across the globe are benefiting from this distinctive, refreshing flavour, so why not YOU?

Make healthier choices, moreover the right choice of concentrate to relish the benefits immediately.

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