The Mango Mania Wave Hits the Dubai Shores

The appetite for the “King of Fruits”-Mango- is on the rise in Dubai and everyone is excited to devour the fresh, succulent delights. Every mango variety from Alphonso, Dasheri, Kesar, Rajaputri to Badami and more is available in the Dubai fruit markets and supermarkets. For years now, the seasonal varieties of mangoes from India and Pakistan are effectively capturing the market with the boom of sweet flavor at a competitive price. Though mangoes are available in Dubai round the year, the wave of tender and lip-smacking Indian mangoes arrive in May and rides till the end of July. The mangoes from Pakistan arrive in July and last until September. Mango lovers in Dubai eagerly wait the entire year just for this time to get their hands on the juiciest mangoes and consume it in several forms. They eat it in its natural form or use in fruit salads, pickles, icecreams, mocktails, purees, pulp, juices, etc. Besides bringing cheer to faces with its taste, the mango industry supports a large number of farmer families and creates job opportunities in the mango processing industry. Sun Impex, a reliable name in the agro-products and HORECA industry of Dubai, keeps up with the growing mango craze and offers superior quality processed mango products such as Mango Pulp, Puree, Concentrate and IQF Mango Dices. At Sun Impex, primarily Totapuri, Kesar and Alphonso are used to produce the aforementioned products. These are further used in the making of juices, nectars, yogurt, jam, etc. Get your hands on these lip smacking delights by booking your order NOW!

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