The Incredibly Delicious Passion Fruit is a Delicacy in Itself

Quite different from the typical tropical fruits like pineapple, banana, guava etc., Passion fruit enjoys a special reputation among fruits. Though not crowned the king of fruits, unlike the mouth-watering mango, Passion fruit has a special charm associated with it owing to the unique flavours it brings along. You may even be deeply mesmerized by its powerful fragrance as soon as you cut it open.

Loaded with abundant fruitiness and tart, passion fruit can though be eaten raw but tastes best when relished with something creamy & sweet. Perfectly edible, the fruit seeds are embedded within a gelatinous material often referred as film. You can slice it into half and scoop out the pulp with seeds to enjoy the awesome delicious fruit. Though passion fruit is used in countless recipes, the sheer delight of relishing its juiciness naturally is incomparable to that when used in any cuisine. It’s indeed a delicacy on its own.

Consuming passion fruit raw requires identifying and evaluating whether appropriate ripeness has been attained by the fruit. A simple way to checking same is to look for the slightly wrinkled ones as these will have a comparatively sweeter taste compared to the smooth skin ones which are much tartier in taste. If you prefer to eat it in a more sophisticated manner, you can go for juicing it, prepare smoothies, margarita, jams, Ice-cream, or make any other passion fruit based dessert you like to.

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