The Global Food Capital Shifting from New York to Dazzling Dubai

A city of utter glamour & riches, New York has been tagged as the global food capital for long. The splendid city equips almost every luxury to make your stay truly enjoyable and memorable. New York has been long tagged as the Global Food Capital owing to the diverse culinary experiences the splendid city provides. However, with time, things change for good and currently Dubai enjoys the tag and very rightly so because of the diverse scrumptious cuisines visitors can get to relish here.

At present, Dubai is home to a host of classy restaurants that not only serve excellent food but also ensure that the food experience is nothing less than a great one. Whether you crave for Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese, Lebanon, Mediterranean, Asian or the typical Middle-Eastern food, restaurants in Dubai have the most perfect arrangement for your food cravings. It’s here only that you can find an award-winning seafood restaurant serving a five-course meal with all ethically sourced ingredients.

The restaurants here serve almost everything right from traditional roasted beef with Yorkshire pudding, a summer truffle risotto made in a Parmesan wheel to seafood buffet with shellfish, oysters, lobster, sushi; or a simple platter with mini sliders, calamari & fries. While some restaurants would keep their secret cooking under cover, others are more than happy to flaunt the recipes by arranging for live cooking stations with their culinary genius chefs.

The overwhelming dining experience is further amplified due to the majestic aura of the luxury-studded city, making it the authentic Global Food Capital. To a fair extent, availability of such diverse culinary presentations in the city can be attributed to the emergence of some reliable HORECA products suppliers in Dubai, Sun Impex being one of them. At present, Sun Impex supplies premium HORECA products like seafood, meat, dairy products and more to cater to the diverse requirements of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering industry customers in Dubai.

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