The colour of love, our favourite strawberry puree with seeds . The perfect fruit that is available all year round, to provide you with all the right nutritional benefits. The flavorful fruit is excellent to add in all healthy meals and beverages.

There are several reasons to justify these miraculous red fruits:

1. Excellent source of folate – the folate acid found in food, helps especially with elderly for atherosclerosis, vascular diseases and even downhill in cognitive function. Some medications can deplete the folic acid in the body but would be recommended to combat the above diseases. Conclusion? Stock up on strawberries and allow your body to increase the folic acid in the body naturally.

2. Reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases – strawberries are known to curb the inflammatory responses of the body and further that reduces the risk of hypertension. How? Lowers LDL cholesterol that directed adversely affects hypertension. Many studies have been conducted and proven that consuming strawberries can reduce heart attacks by 32 percent.

3. More and more vitamin C- containing more than 100 % of our vitamin C intake. Vitamin c helps in demolishing stress, and also reduces blood pressure.

4. Fibre – the high amounts of fibre, is important for easy digestion as well.

5. Antioxidant power – the presence of anthocyanin, is one of the most potent sources of antioxidants that protect you from the sun. The beauty is that once you consume strawberries, the anthocyanin power still lasts 24 hours after consumption. This is superb for free radical damage.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties – for those who suffer from arthritis, consuming strawberries is a great source. The phytochemical in strawberries helps in the reduction of inflammation of the joints.

7. Fights cancer – the ellagic acid found in strawberries helps control the growth of cancer cells. They also contain lutein and zeathancin that reduce the ill effects on our system

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Purchase the best possible puree that will always leave you wanting more!

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