The Exotic Passion Fruit Does Pack Oodles of Flavours & Health Benefits

Growing on a creeper vine that wraps itself around any surface, Passion fruit maintains a special reputation among fruits. These are considered one of the most exotic fruits available to mankind and eaten worldwide owing to the beautifully delicious flavours they bring to the platter. Passion fruit can be ideally grown in warm climate regions that are frost-free and so South Pacific, Central America, Mediterranean, and different subtropical locations across the globe are ideally suited for its plantation.

Over 500 varieties of passion fruit with marked differences in the interior & external characteristics are available at present. The appearance is moreover like a grapefruit with colours ranging from yellow to dark purple. On the interior, the juicy pulp is filled with numerous seeds which appear like small black particles embedded in a gelatinous membrane.

Passion fruit are often squeezed for their delicious juice and are even added to several other fruit juices for enhancing the overall flavours besides bringing in that element of exotic taste to a simple juice. Passion fruit jam and Ice cream are especially adored among lovers of this unique variety of fruit. These are often used with fruit salads, salsa owing to their impeccable fruity flavours.

It is often referred as powerhouse of nutrients due to excellent amounts of antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins it contains which in turn bring in some miraculous health benefits extending from boosting immunity, digestion and blood circulation to promoting skin health, cancer prevention and more. Such incredible health benefits make passion fruit high in demand for just more than its delectable taste.

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