The Emblem of Taste : Sesame Seeds

One of the oldest crops of the world, sesame seeds are known as the little cuisine taste elevators. These tiny taste boosters are very rich when it comes to oil content. Along with a nutty flavour, the sesame seeds are also blessed with omega-6 fatty acids, and other nutrients like magnesium, calcium, fibre, etc.

Sesame seeds are also popular due to their curative and preventive properties, thus, they also go in the making of traditional medicines.

Sun Impex, a leading Sesame seeds supplier, supplies Sesame seeds varieties such as Ethiopian Sesame Seeds, Nigerian White Sesame Seeds, Nigerian Water Washed Hulled Sesame Seeds, etc. sourced from Sudan, Ethiopia and Nigeria. The Sesame Seeds by Sun Impex have a moisture of 7% max and purity ranging from 98% to 99.95%.

Sun Impex supplies high-quality Sesame Seeds in the packing option of 25/50 Kg PP Bags in order to keep the quality, flavour and aroma intact.

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