The Black Gram – Urad Dal

The Split gram sensation that has earned its recognition over a course of time. Primarily found in southern parts of Asia, and one of the most used Indian delicacies.

The tasty delicacy is rich in protein, fat and carbs and is teeming with profound health benefits. The rich source of protein also entails vitamin B, and other compact nutrients for women and people generally. A combination of iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and potassium and is an excellent package, especially for pregnant women—instead, even those who lack certain nutrients and need a quick ‘pick-me-up’ source. The split gram, urad dal is also found in Ayurvedic medicines to top it all up!

Why is Urad dal so beneficial you might wonder?

1.Improvised Digestion – the richness in fibre improves Digestion. For those who suffer from diarrhoea, constipation, cramps or even bloating, including urad dal in your diet can dismiss these issues instantly. Additionally, those who suffer from skin issues, urad dal is a great source and can be used externally or even internally.

2.Saves the most vital organ – The high quantities of fibre, magnesium and potassium one can protect their heart health. The cholesterol levels are maintained that prevents any further issues such as atherosclerosis. The inclusion of the potassium nutrient improvises the blood circulation.

3.‘Pick me up’ source – the high iron content increases the overall energy levels in the body and keep you active. Those who suffer from iron deficiency, especially pregnant women, can benefit highly and consume this dal regularly to heighten their iron intake.

4.Stronger nervous system – the nervous system is directly related to the functioning of our brain health; hence consumption of urad dal helps strengthen our nervous system. Usage in Ayurvedic medicine has been used to cure issues such as nervous debility, partial paralysis, and other disorders.

5.Reduction of pain and inflammation – the instant cure from pain and inflammation. A natural source, fuel with vitamins and minerals which help boost your metabolism. As mentioned, applying topically or consuming it internally is a great way to follow the ‘natural path’. Applying it topically is one of the Indian remedies to help muscles aches and joint pains.
Urad dal can be found in many forms, looks and uses. For example, there is split urad dal, dal chika and more. The split form of urad dal is more on the bland side of taste, and it isn’t as strong in terms of taste as compared to chika urad dal. Sun Impex believes in providing and distributing products that entail all the good health and nutritional benefits for consumers. Sun Impex includes urad dal in two qualities a size below 3.25 mm and size above 3.25 mm- the packaging differs depending on the preferences of clients.

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