Totapuri Mango Concentrate

The Best Way to Check the Totapuri Mango Concentrate Specifications

You may be noticing the fresh stock of mangoes in the produce section of your local stores. And why not? Mango season is at its peak, and at the same time, June is observed as the National Mango Month in India. All the mango varieties offer a welcome taste of fresh flavours. Totapuri mangoes, for example, is one of the sweetest varieties. When a mature and fresh Totapuri Mango is commercially processed, it produces Totapuri Mango Concentrate. Delicious and healthy, the concentrate is processed under strict hygiene conditions.

For those only familiar with it as a tasty ingredient, it might be good to know more about its processing methods. Therefore, we have listed the Totapuri Mango Concentrate single strength specifications in detail below.

1) Physical and Chemical

Whether you like your Totapuri Mango Concentrate smooth or juicy, it lends a warm, sweet flavour to many recipes and ideally passes the value parameters. The acidic percentage of citric acid is ideally 0.9-0.10%, while its pH is 3.4-4.0. Available in the consistency rate of 6-10, the mango puree concentrates are health-friendly and have the right amount of total soluble solids TSS (%) to let you stock up without any guilt.


2) Organoleptic

Although the concentrate’s flavour is a characteristic of natural ripe Totapuri Mango and is free from the flavour, it has a wholesome taste. The colour of Totapuri Mango Concentrate is yellow to golden yellow, and likewise, its consistency is smooth, uniform, and homogenous.

3) Microbiological

While Totapuri Mango Concentrate is a fabulous drink for health, thanks to its strict hygienic processing, it’s essential to know its microbiological characteristics to ensure its complete safety. Produced and sealed under completely sterile conditions, a mango concentrate must be free from pathogenic microorganisms before being deemed safe for consumption.

Totapuri Mango Concentrate Exporters do all the hard work of producing healthy and delicious products to give you the best experience. Sun Impex is a reputed supplier offering a premium range of Totapuri Mango Concentrate. The brand provides additive-free concentrate, which is pure and health-friendly.


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