The Aromatic Taste Booster : Tanzania Cloves

Cloves are used in a myriad of cuisines across the world. They not only elevate their taste but also infuses a mesmerizing aroma. Apart from their use in cooking, Cloves are popular due to their medicinal properties as well. They are known to cure toothache, nausea, cold, treating acne, blemishes, scars, etc. Also, the oil that is made from cloves is renowned due to its many health benefits.

Sun Impex, one of the leading and trusted names of the agro and HORECA products industry, offers premium quality cloves sourced from Tanzania. It offers CG3 variety of cloves with moisture quantity ranging between 12%-13% and admixture value of 12%.

Top grade quality 25/50 Kg PP bags are used to pack and export the Tanzania cloves to various parts of the world. These packaging options keep intact the aroma and quality of the cloves.
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