The Amazing World of Nutritionally-rich Delicious Berries

Berries are delicious fruits available in a range of varieties such as strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry. It’s a complete colourful world of berries packing rich juiciness for everyone. If you are a berry fruit lover, blueberry and raspberry should be on your favourite list for sure. Made up of clustered tiny individual fruits, raspberries, also referred as “aggregate fruits”, have a sweet yet slightly tangy flavour. These come in red, black & purple colours while blueberry colour comes in dark tones of blue colour.

Both of these berries are delicious and almost equally nutritious. These colourful berries enhance the overall cuisine presentation as they shine like absolute jewels in the platter. But getting mesmerized with the look & feel is not sufficient and you must consider including them in your daily diet owing to the host of nutritional goodness they bring along. Blueberry & raspberry are packed with high contents of phytonutrients and antioxidants that contribute positively to your body functioning. If you want more of fiber and Vitamin C, you can increase raspberries intake as they have more of that content than blueberries.

As far as adding blueberry & raspberry to your daily diet is concerned, you can have them in breakfast by sprinkling them over cereal with milk. You may even relish them as a nutrient-packed smoothie by combining these berries in frozen form with low-fat milk. Baked oatmeal involving raspberries and chopped almonds as ingredients is another option. You can even prepare healthy blueberry protein pancakes or may munch these berries in a refreshing sweet salad. Eating them raw is the simplest & easiest way to relish the deliciousness of both these berries.

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