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Sweet and Tart Frozen Passion Fruit Pulp with Seeds

Passion fruit is a nature’s delight native to South America. It is an exotic sweet and sour fruit that is widely cultivated in India, New Zealand, Caribbean, etc. It is oval in shape and yellow or dark purple at maturity. When eating passion fruit, one can enjoy a soft and juicy interior filled with tiny crunchy seeds.

Also called granadilla, passion fruit blows life to salads, desserts like pavlova and cheesecakes and add mouth-watering flavour to juices, ice creams, cocktails, yogurt and jams. Sun Impex – a top-notch supplier of quality processed fruit pulps – has been gracing the world with the playful flavours of frozen passion fruit pulp with seeds sourced from Vietnam.

Sun Impex ensures that the frozen passion fruit pulp is hygienically packed in 1kg/bag x 10/carton with a pH acidity falling in range 2.5-3.5. This yellowish goodness retains 100% natural flavours with a brix value of 12 min.

To get your hands on the premium quality frozen passion fruit pulp, book your order NOW!

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