Survival of the Healthiest in Dubai Summer

The scorching heat in UAE is famous around the world as it’s dry and dusty to make one feel helpless. So, if you are in UAE, here are some easy methods to stay safe and healthy this summer:

  • Stay Hydrated : Drink at least up to 2-3 litres of water during the daytime. It helps to avoid heat rash, sunburn and heatstroke.
  • Wear Cool Clothing : Opt for light coloured, lightweight and loose summer-friendly clothing.
  • Shower More than Once : Frequent showers save from the ill effects of heat.
  • Plan More Time Indoors : As most of the residential and public facilities are air-conditioned, it is better to be there than anywhere outside.
  • Consume Fruit Juices, Smoothies and Ice Popsicles

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