FOODS for a SUPER you!

Ultimatum for SUPERFOODS has escalated globally, this indicates a revolutionary change in every retail chains, supermarkets laden with plenty of selections.

WHAT ARE SUPERFOODS? Nutrient-rich diversified as a collection of natural foods such as Grains, Seeds, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, Seafood containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids resulting in positive effect to our body. Importance to be nutritious is what SUPERFOODS is all about in today’s daily diet that needs our body to run smoothly and stay healthy.
It has its own specific characteristics in strengthening the immune system, energizes and burning off calories to improvise metabolism. Rejuvenating skin and most vital it contains antioxidants and vitamin C.

SUPERFOODS has an extensive range but we look at more closely on few selective which makes them even more amazing.

CHIA SEEDS : most substantial seeds to include in your day-to-day diet. Tiny Seeds are abounding with full of fibre, minerals, proteins, vitamins. Nutritional advantages: reducing the risk of osteoporosis, blood vessels, controls on weight management by adding these seeds to your daily diet.

QUINOA : (Red/White) having high in potassium, fibre, iron, antioxidants and nine essential amino acids. Prevention of heart disease, reducing high blood pressure and diabetes. Lowers cholesterol and glucose, lose weight. It’s a versatile seed which can be mixed with other seeds & nuts as a healthy cereal. Enhance the nutritive value by adding QUINOA to beans and lentils. It is also used as a substitute for whole wheat grounded to make into flour.

Applications: Soups – Frozen Meals- SALADs – Culnary dishes – Bakery

We pride ourselves to all our valuable customers in serving quality and value to the best our abilities.

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