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Sunimpex Invite you to Visit us at Gulf Food Exhibition 2013

The month of February 2013 marks the Gulf Food exhibition that would be held from February 25-28th. One of the companies to watch out for would be Sunimpex that would be showcasing its agro based products. The company is a global food trading corporation having a global recognition for providing food products across the world while keeping quality as primordial. The name of Sunimpex is synonymous with quality that gets delineated in its freshest produce of fruit juices, fruit pulps, spices, and pulses. However for the Gulf Expo the company has widened its expanse and introduced 5 new products in its kitty. These include Bakery products, Horeca, Nuts, Grains and Seeds.

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The Gulf Expo provides an ideal ground for the launch of these products as this place is known for providing a good exposure to all the international products and there are buyers and business houses available from all over the globe. This platform therefore is an ideal launching pad for the products that will have an ideal assimilation of traders and buyers. Sunimpex provides for the best quality, with competitive pricing and the facility for online purchases. Backed by the team of professionals that are thoroughly adept in their understanding and depiction of products, the company ensures for the integrity and freshest produce of the goods. The team is highly trained in understanding of the products and also is geared to market them in the right manner after following a correct procedures of production and packing so that the quality is maintained stringently.

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It is a great pleasure to use the Sunimpex products as the company really goes out of its way to provide a vast variety of each good. For example the Horeca products that would be showcased in The Gulf expo has immense variety of cookies, cereals, Coffee and Teas, Natural Essences, Mustards, Pickles, Relishes, Seasoning, Peppercorns, Sugar, Sweeteners and Syrups, Canned Vegetables, chutney, Confectionary, Mushroom, Oils, Spices and Herbs, Syrups, Antipasti and Vinegar. The Nuts sections include Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios and many other nuts that are amongst the freshest of the produce available. With a comprehensive range of fruits and fruits products on display the expo is therefore an ideal launching pad for many new products. There would be a wide variety to discover from oils, spices, Sesame seeds, peanuts, cookies. The company as is has a huge client base but with the Gulf Food Exhibition it aims at crossing over 200 customers and would be widening its expanse and its boundaries to people in Middle East, South Asia and Africa. In order to cater to the rising demands and quality demands the company thrives to provide you with the best customized requirements with more than 100% guarantee on product deliveries and satisfaction guarantee.


Therefore in order to get the best of the product exposure and the best quality with timely deliveries please visit the stalls of Sunimpex in Gulf Expo to cater to your individual and business needs in a qualitative manner.

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