Sun Impex’s In-demand Traditional Mustards Now Available at Competitive Rates for Customers

A reputed supplier of HORECA products in Dubai, Sun Impex is offering some premium line of traditional mustards for global customers. Some of the prominent products under this category include Mustard Grainy “Cavalier from Vilux”, Dijon Mustard ExtraStrong “Cavalier from Vilux” and Pommery Mustard “Cavalier from Vilux”. All traditional mustards will be made available at the most competitive rates for customers.

Sourced from France, all of these traditional mustards are made available to customers in different quantities. From 500 g to 5kg, customers can get their preferred mustards as per requirement. These mustards are good to go with a wide range of food items. Whether you prefer to use them with baked food or in some other food preparation like sauce, these won’t disappoint you surely.

Dijon mustard especially is considered good with sandwiches though you can have your own way of relishing it. It comprises mustard seeds, water, wine, salt and vinegar as the main ingredients. Being creamy and pungent, it goes well with burgers, sausages as well as smoked fish. In fact, in its original paste form, Dijon mustard can accompany most meats for flavour enhancement. Same goes for Pommery mustard which can be used for diverse culinary applications.

All traditional mustards up to 500g are available in air-tight jars with proper labelling and confirm to the highest quality standards. You can place your order for these excellent grade condiments with Sun Impex now!

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