Sun Impex Welcomes Gherkins and Peeled Tomatoes

Sun Impex is elevated with joy as it introduces Gherkins and Peeled Tomatoes to its product portfolio. It sources Peeled Tomatoes from Italy and it comes in the set of 6 cases (2.5 kg each). They are exported in cases because they aid to a great extent in preserving their quality.

Also, the Gherkins are available in two varieties. They are Gherkins 70/80 and Gherkins D. Both these Gherkins varieties are sourced from Holland. The packaging of tin and jar are respectively used to pack and ship Gherkins 70/80 and Gherkins D.

Sun Impex strives to add new offerings to its product portfolio from time to time. It ensures that its wide clientele relishes new products frequently at a competitive price. However, the quality is never compromised and it is ensured that the packaging keeps the flavor intact.

Contact Sun Impex now in order to order premium quality Gherkins and Peeled Tomatoes.

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