Sun Impex New Warehouse : A New Home to Its Offerings

Sun Impex endeavors to add new and innovative products to its portfolio from time to time. A wide range of agro-products need a wide storage place as well, and thus, Sun Impex brought into existence a brand new warehouse for all its products.

If the soothing epoxy paint of the warehouse pleases the eyes, then the advanced rack system amazingly bifurcate the extended product range. The chiller freezer dry areas racking keeps the quality of IQF offering of Sun Impex intact. The warehouse is also laced with moisture meters and temperature detector which alerts in case of any discrepancy.

Last but not the least, the proper lighting system helps in illuminating and boosting the visibility in the giant storehouse.

The new warehouse of Sun Impex is the home to offerings such as frozen strawberry, raspberry, blueberry; ambient products i.e. gherkins, barbecue sauce; mango puree, blackberry puree, etc.; seafood such as trout, octopus muscardine, etc.

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