Sugar – The Soul of Everything Sweet

Sugar make everything sweet and delightful. Initially called sweet-salt, they are naturally found in many grains, vegetables and fruits. It is commercially prepared from sugarcane juice which is concentrated by boiling till the sugar crystallises and separates from the fluid.

For everyone who has a sweet tooth, there are certain interesting facts about sugar to delight you. It was also considered as a spice during the 12th century and popular as a luxury product in Europe. When used in high quantities, it helps preserve jams, jellies and sweet pickles. Sugar or sucrose is a compound sugar which splits in the body to simple sugar glucose and provides energy for everyday activities.

Sun Impex, a leading supplier of agro products in Dubai, mainly sources sugar IC45 and IC150 from Brazil, Thailand and India. It also sources IC60 beet sugar from Ukraine. All of these varieties are available for supply and packed hygienically in 50 kg PP bags with loadability 27 MT in 20’.

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