Sugar – Pampering the Sweet Tooth In Various Forms

What was once considered as a spice and popular luxury product in Europe is now used to make all the sweet delights. Earlier called sweet-salt, Sugar is prepared from sugarcane juice by boiling it to the point till sugar crystals formulate. Once that happens, they are separated from the fluid. Sugar has a large number of positive effects on the body. The glycolic acid present in the sugar is very helpful in maintaining the health and glow of your skin. Sugar has a high-calorie content, thus, it gives the body the energy it requires for proper functioning.

Here some interesting facts about Sugar that will surely wonderstruck you:
Before sugar came into existence, Honey was used as the sweetener
An average person consumes approximately 25 kg of sugar every year
Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop

If you ever want to taste naturally made sugar, leave a banana for few days until it develops dark spots on its peel. These spots show that the sugar has been made.

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