Split Yellow Peas : Yellow Yellow Healthy Fellows

Obtained from dried, peeled and split pod fruits of peas (Pisum Sativum), split yellow peas are widely consumed across various countries. Rich in protein and packed with fibre, yellow peas are more often confused for similarity in appearance with Indian Toor dal or chana dal. But yellow split peas come from an entirely different legume with marked difference in its taste.

Sun Impex is one of the leading exporters of Split Yellow Peas. The splitting of peas helps in reducing the cooking time and is done either manually or through mechanical separators.

Sourced from Bulgaria and Ukraine, Sun Impex offers authentic split yellow peas that are available in different weights as requested by the customers. It is then used in the making of various mouthwatering cuisines such as Pea Soup, Pease Pudding, etc.

Grab split yellow peas soon from Sun Impex.

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