Togo Soyabean


Power-packed with fibre, protein, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids, Soybeans are a legume species that have become one of the most broadly consumed foods in the world. The growing popularity of soybeans can contribute to high protein levels, an ideal source of nourishment for vegetarians. The diversity in soy products has established a new market.

Apart from soybeans being rich in protein, they possess several health benefits.

Improved Metabolic Activity: Being an excellent source of protein, Soybeans boosts not only your metabolic functioning but your overall system as well. Almost 20% of Soybeans is beta-conglycinin, which could increase certain protein levels in the blood if added to the meal every day, thereby improving your metabolism.

Healthy Weight Management: Soybean is one of the most nutritious forms of addition to your diet as the soy protein helps you stay fuller and regulates insulin, resulting in healthy management of obesity. Because of the presence of anthocyanins, black soybean seed coats have an anti-obesity effect.

Improves Heart Health: Soybeans are a healthy source of unsaturated fat, which lowers your cholesterol, preventing coronary heart diseases and inhibiting heart attack and stroke. Also, omega-3 in soybeans promotes anti-inflammatory effects and improves your brain and eye health.

Manages Diabetes and Blood Pressure: Several studies denote that soybean has properties to increase insulin receptors in the body. As a result, it can help prevent diabetes since inception or help you manage the disease effectively. Low-carbohydrate content in soybean makes it an ideal non-diabetic food and consuming soybean can keep your blood sugar level in check. The same goes for blood pressure. Iron and Copper are vital in producing red blood cells, which stimulate the flow of oxygen in the body to function efficiently. Soybean has an abundance of iron and Copper, which increases the amount of red blood cells in the body hence making your body experience maximised metabolic functioning.

Relieve Sleep Disorders: Soybeans are the best cure for sleep disorders like insomnia because of their high magnesium content. Adding them to your diet can enhance the quality, duration of your sleep while making it restful.

Remaining one of the most significant sources of nutrition for vegetarians, soybean is the storehouse of protein and several other health benefits, diversified in both cuisines and other products like soya bean oil, soy milk, and flour. Sun Impex provides you with world-class, best in quality soybeans grown in regions of India, Brazil, Argentina and Ethiopia. We provide you the best source of protein in the best quality.

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