Sesame Seeds : Little Delights Pampering Your Taste Buds

Also called benne seeds, Sesame Seeds are known for their nutty flavor and rich oil content. Apart from their use for culinary purposes, they are prominent for their application in traditional medicines and nutritive, preventive and curative properties.

Interestingly, Sesame Seeds is one of the oldest oilseed crops considered to be cultivated for more than 3,500 years. Though the most traded variety of sesame seeds is off-white colored, other common varieties are buff, tab, gold, brown, etc.

Sesame Seeds are preferred by many owing to their omega-6 fatty acid content. The oil of sesame seeds has inflammatory properties which are useful in treating bacterial infections and promoting hair growth.

Sun Impex, a leading brand in the agro-commodities space, brings to you Wollega and Humera varieties of Sesame Seeds from Ethiopia and Gadarif and Non-Gadarif varieties of Sesame Seeds from Sudan.

Sun Impex strictly adheres to all the packing and hygienic standards before undertaking the shipment of its Sesame Seeds.

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