Relishing Chickpeas in Delicious Desserts is a Heavenly Feel Indeed

Loaded with plenty of nutrients, chickpeas are a real powerhouse and extremely versatile to be used beyond typical salads and hummus. Besides its popular use as hummus, chickpeas also find great applications in desserts. Adding chickpeas as ingredient in different dessert preparations brings out a distinctive, unimaginable flavour of these nutty legumes.

Pure chocolate lovers may find extreme pleasure in relishing dark chocolate chickpea brownies involving chickpeas, cacao powder, coconut sugar and chocolate chips as main ingredients. These brownies go best with any banana ice cream or coconut milk ice cream.

You must also try strawberry muffins with chickpeas & white chocolate having cooked chickpeas, honey, eggs, strawberries, vanilla beans and white chocolate as prime ingredients. Cookie lovers can relish Chickpea thumbprint cookies prepared using peanut butter, rolled oats, fruit spread and vanilla extract. These are perfect as picnic snacks or to enjoy with warm cup of afternoon tea.

Gluten-free chickpea orange cake is equally appetizing due to its bold flavours of cinnamon, caster sugar and orange juice & rind. Gingerbread blondies are gluten-free snack bars offering the authentic taste of chickpeas with twist of chocolate.

If you still can’t forget its taste in hummus, dessert hummus may become your favourite. Prepared from chickpeas, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, coconut milk & oil, and sea salt; the utterly delicious dip packs sufficiently delicious flavours to sate your cravings for hummus and tastes best with pretzels, cinnamon-pita chips, and fruits.

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