Relish the Hopping Delights : Popcorn

They are preferred by a majority of people while enjoying a movie; they are also munched because their taste is hard to resist. Soft, crunchy, crispy and delicious – they are everyone’s favorite – Popcorn. Interestingly, Argentina is known as the largest world supplier of popcorn grains. It has been growing the quality popcorn grains in bulk quantity. The same has made Argentina a trusted supplier of this product.

Sun Impex, a trusted name in the agro-products industry, offers Popcorn Grains of butterfly variety. The superb quality grains explode to a minimum of 98% to give you a tub full of soft and creamy popcorns having a maximum moisture quantity of 14.5%.

Order the premium quality popcorn grains from Sun Impex which are a perfect blend of taste and health. Happy Movie Hours!

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