red lentils


Amongst the lentil family, red lentils have a sweet yet distinguishable flavour, used in most of the Indian flavorful dishes and recipes. The inexpensive and highly nutritious item, are considered part of the staple diets of various cuisines globally.

Fun fact? The larger exporter in the world for red lentils is Canada, and have all sorts of names. For example, they are known as redwing, red cap, blaze whereas in India they are known as masoor dahl. Veganism has got insanely popular over the years, and a lot of vegans include organic red lentils in their diet due to the high nutritional value. The highlight of these red lentils; the easy cooking, shorter time intervals and DOESN’T require pre-soaking. Vegans love it because it’s a great meat substitute and also is excellent for weight loss programs.

The superfood red lentils exhibit astonishing amounts of critical vitamins and minerals that your body really needs!
Let’s dive into the ‘super-powers’ of red lentils:

1. Prevents rapid ageing – the vitamins and minerals help in escalating the immunity of the body. The presence of antioxidants reduce the cell tissue and damage and demolish free radicals. These magic lentils can facilitate in making you stay and feel younger.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease – the high sources of folate and other minerals like magnesium contribute to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases. The inclusion of magnesium improves the blood flow in the body, as well as oxygen. On the other hand, the use of folate is to work on lowering the homocysteine levels, which directly affects heart disease.

3. Increase energy levels- Lack of iron deficiency causes poor energy levels. Including red lentils in your diet helps fix your iron deficiency which in turn is an essential part of haemoglobin. Ensuring your haemoglobin levels are intact assists in the functioning of your red blood cells.

At Sun Impex, we offer superior quality red lentils that also include various packaging as per our client’s requirements. There are dehulled red lentils which you can intake as a whole form or split form. Red lentils have the same protein levels as in meat content. At Sun Impex, we supply the highest quality of red lentils from the best farms in Australia, Turkey and Canada.

At SunImpex, you always have a choice to quality nutrition.

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