Raspberry Vs Strawberry – How the Two Most Popular Berries Differ?

No doubt berries are incredibly delicious just like they are nutritious. Out of all the different berries known to mankind, strawberry and raspberry are highly sought-after owing to their remarkably unmatched flavour. However, the two berries differ on some grounds with few similarities as well.

Firstly, appearance-wise, the two berries may though have somewhat nearly similar tone of colour; the exterior texture is way too different. While the rather tough-looking surface of strawberry is covered with several small seeds, raspberry exterior surface consists of several tender drupelets. Also, the red, fragrant and delicious strawberry fruit is much larger compared to raspberry.

Both are grown in temperate climate zones around the world; with strawberry requiring sandy soil and direct sunlight and raspberry growing well in loamy, fertile and well-drained soil and abundant sunlight. The strawberry plant is herbaceous with white flowers and trifoliate hairy leaves. On the other hand, raspberry plant grows as a woody bush having spade-shaped leaves. Nutrition-wise, both are enriched with high Vitamin C content; with strawberry packing more of potassium and raspberry having more dietary fiber.

When it comes to consumption, strawberry perhaps seems to gaining the edge as evident from the wide global demand of strawberry based products. Often associated with the divine feeling of love, strawberry enjoys an overpowering position compared to raspberry, and most other berries available to mankind. Besides being consumed raw, these make a great addition to fruit salads and are used in preparation of ice-creams, cakes, cereal bar, jam, smoothie, milkshake and more.

Raspberry can be best relished raw or in juice, jams or jellies – though several contemporary desserts also have raspberry as the main ingredient.

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