Ramadan Special : Exclusive Offers On Iftar Dinners

With so much happening in Dubai, the Ramadan, the food, and festive vibes, people are looking for a perfect place to enjoy their Iftar Dinners. Some are going out on a budget and others just want good food to eat, however, a lot of hotels and restaurants are offering affordable Iftars with best discounts on exotic dishes.

If you are in Dubai, you won’t be going hungry, at least during this month of Ramadan as this festive season offers so much to eat especially during the evening. Many restaurants and hotels stay open during the daytime to serve non-observers but the real feast begins after sunset when the Muslims break their fast with water and dates. After breaking the fast, they feast on a large meal known as “Iftar” which is served in almost every restaurant during the period.

The meal commonly includes soup, appetizers, bread and main dishes which are loved by the people in Dubai, but for people with particular preferences, they can visit fancy restaurants and hotels offering affordable meals. Even exotic dinners like seafood, mutton dishes and lambs are provided at subsidized rates and many go to these places for their Iftar dinners.

The dinners on discounts would be even better on the last day of Ramadam, on the day of Eid. Everyone joins together with their families to celebrate and share the last Iftar feast together. Foods are also served to the less fortunate as charitable giving is considered a culture of Ramadan.

If you are visiting the Middle East during Ramadan, you must check out and try the variety of exotic dishes in famous restaurants and embrace the unique Ramadan culinary culture.

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