Quality Salmon Fish : Directly from the Blue to Belly

Seafood lovers have a sweet spot for fishes and out of that category, Salmon fish holds a special place. Of all the varieties of fishes available, Salmon has received the most praise for being rich in nutrition. Salmon is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acid. Other essential nutrients in it are vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B, zinc, iron and calcium.

Consumption of Salmon fish reduces inflammation of the arteries and digestive system. It also helps in keeping colon cancer and kidney cancer away.

Sun Impex is one of the leading exporters of fish products in fresh, smoked and frozen versions for the horeca industry. Apart from offering premium quality Norwegian Salmon fish such as Salmon fillet and smoked Salmon, Sun Impex also deals into Scottish smoked Salmon and Salmon gravlax . Other varieties of fishes offered by Sun Impex are smoked Haddock, smoked Halibut, smoked Mackerel (peppered/plain), smoked Rainbow Trout and smoked Herring.

To relish premium quality Salmon fish varieties or Salmon fish products, book your order now.

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