Quality HORECA Products : For the Holy Month of Ramadan

The ninth month of Islamic calendar – Ramadan – is about to mark its presence. The Muslims around the world are all braced up to fast and plunge into worship for the whole month.

Ramadan is one such month when the otherwise fast pace of Dubai takes a slow and deep breath. During Suhoor (early meal time), most of the Muslims flock towards some of the best restaurants in the city and then towards the mosque for their morning prayer.

During Iftar (breaking of fast), dates and water are taken to honor the tradition of breaking the fast. Homes are at hospitable best, and restaurants pull out all stops in serving the best of cuisines.

Sun Impex, one of the leading HORECA products supplier, understands the importance of Ramadan and thus, flourishes the Hotel, Restaurants and Catering services of Dubai with grocery, dairy, fish, frozen products, and meat products all the time.

To avail premium quality and Halal HORECA products by Sun Impex for the month of Ramadan, book your ORDER NOW!

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