IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) is a technology through which fruits and vegetables are instantly frozen at very low temperatures(-30°C to – 35°C). The process allows the fruits to preserve its natural taste, nutrients and retains all the necessary vitamins. With more than 18 months of shelf-life when kept in a refrigerator at sub-zero temperatures, these frozen foods are very convenient to use in confectionaries, bakery and dessert industries. Sunimpex is a leading manufacturer, and exporter of IQF fruits and vegetable products. We procure hand-picked fruits & vegetables from the reliable vendors in the industry, sort them according to their ripeness, quality & variety to process them into IQF products. Fruits like mangoes, pineapples and papayas are first processed and diced into required sized before they are frozen whereas peas and berries are frozen whole. Also, Sunimpex does not use any kind of preservatives or added minerals to maintain international food and safety standards.Frozen fruits are preferred over fresh fruits as they are available any time of the season, they are ready to eat after defrosting and retains all the nutrients found inside fresh fruits. Our frozen fruits and vegetables are quality examined and packaged in aseptic bags which are firmly sealed to prevent any damage during delivery.

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