White/Pink Guava Pulp

White/Pink Guava Pulp

Sun Impex offers you premium quality of pink/white Guava Pulp with and without grit. Psidium guajava, also known as Guava is a tropical fruit which is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical region. Guava the most nutritious tropical fruit is processed to form guava pulp, guava juice concentrate and guava puree concentrate to increase its shelf life. Guava Pulp is widely used in Beverages industry.

Guava fruits are available during Winter-Summer-Spring season, round shaped very tropical fruit with a white or pink inside, fleshy, juicy and scattered with numerous hard seeds (grits) and incredibly very rich in vitamin C, potassium, fibre and antioxidants.

Guavas blessed with various nutrients having tremendous healthy benefits such as Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 helps in improving blood circulation. Vitamin C keeps body healthy and protects from various infections overall immunity booster. Magnesium which is present in guavas helps for nerves and muscles.

We supply 2 most popular qualities of Guavas – White Guava pulp and Pink Guava pulp with/without grits.

Aseptic white or pink guava pulp/puree Brix 9 is extracted from selected and matured riped white guavas keeping the process of washing, cutting, pulping, aseptic sterilization which is further packed in Aseptic bag in drums under stringent hygiene conditions. White Guava pulp/puree is pure creamy white and Pink Guava pulp/puree is pink texture both hygienically processed.

Guava pulp/puree is perfectly suited for conversion to juices, guava based beverages, jams, nectars, fruit bars, jellies, preserves, cocktails, savory sauces and due to its aromatic flavor it makes suitable to blend with other pulps to prepare mixed juices/beverages/health drinks.

SunImpex offers premium White/Pink Guava pulp brix 9 with and without grits and other forms of white guava puree concentrates/IQF White / Pink guava / Canned Guava pulp as per your requirement.


Brix : Min. 8
Acidity : 0.4 – .55 %
pH : 3.5 to 4.0
Color : Creamish White/Pink
Flavour : Natural Flavor
Packaging : 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums
Loadability : 80 DRUMS/20″ FCL

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